School and Education Programs

Since time unknown, the essence of the education system in India is known to savour a special bond between the teacher and the pupil. The guru-shishya tradition was based on helping the pupil’s device a lifelong path of success and growth.

The word ‘education’ is associated with life orientation. The objective in the current scenario is enhancing capabilities and enlarging choices and developing agency by building on the various dimensions of well-being. The schools today hold the torch to lead its students and prepare them for a successful and happy life.

However, the schools are faced with a two-fold pressure; of globalization and westernization, along with the needs of a growing child. The transformation process of a student from a child to an adolescent is largely influenced by the learning’s in schools. Also, Globalization and westernization have brought a remarkable change in the lifestyles, including changes in opportunities and the threats, and prominently influencing the learning environment for growing students.

The schools are now bestowed with greater responsibility on the schooling procedure to ensure a healthy and holistic education and development; to provide meaningful, relevant and growth oriented experiences to students where the students can realize and develop their individual capabilities.


  • Support the existing efforts by the schools to enhance quality education.
  • Promotion of Child-Friendly schools with quality learning, quality teaching and quality outcomes.
  • Help preserve a positive learning environment in the school.
  • Developing Preparing students to meet the demands of the external world. in students, teachers and parents.
  • Helping students create a vision for oneself and one’s future.
  • Preparing students to meet the demands of the external world.


  • Student Development Workshops
  • Capacity Building Training for Teachers
  • Workshops and Interactive Sessions with Parents
  • School Need-based workshops.


Impact-based workshops.

Specialize in

  • Career Counselling
  • Self-Disclosure and Self-Worth: Appreciating the Value of Me
  • Interpersonal Skills: Understanding the Value of Others
  • Self-Management: Increasing the Positive Impact of Me on Others
  • Sensitization towards Physical and Emotional Changes in Puberty
  • Facilitative Role in Student Development
  • Leadership: walking together
  • Mental health awareness
  • Training the Trainers