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"Career counselling is the guidance given to a student on the road he/she should take to achieve his/her goals. The advice and counselling provided is based on three deciding factors -- personality, aptitude and interest."
Astha Ahluwalia

Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Almost every student faces this question sooner or later. Why no then begin the process of career decision making in a rational and a scientific manner to avoid any chance of mistakes and regret.

In a world filled with so many career choices, choosing career is difficult because

  • Actual job market remains saturated because of high number of candidates per vacancy.
  • Many private universities and foreign universities have come up recently which further add confusion for the child.
  • Parental and guardian pressure puts the child in dilemma
  • Employability skills i.e. soft skills/computer skills/core subject knowledge are not up to the standards though students have completed their degrees.
  • The cut off demanded by colleges is very high and many students do not get admission inspite of good academic performance.

"If you fail to plan you planned to fail"

Importance of Career Couselling

Choosing the right career path is very important in one’s life. Majority of students select a career path just as a trend follower or just because their parents/guardians tell them to do so. This way of deciding the future of the child might turn to be a huge blunder as the child may just not be fit for that career path.

We as a parent/guardian need to understand that every child cannot become a engineer or a doctor. Over and above there is no need for that to happen also. Every child is unique within himself or herself and has got unique, undepended strengths. After the diversification and globalization of educational sector, many vacational courses are available as a good option to pursue. Smaritan with us career counselling program in Gurgaon is helping students/children to select the best suited career path for them and ensuring a good future for them.

Today, the career options are vast and diversified. Starting from the poplar engineering, medicine and management streams, to talent oriented streams like music, painting a child cannot make out which will be the best option for him/her. At Smaritan, our trained and skilled child counselling program in gurgaon, we are objective whiling giving guidance and comprehensively discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various career options.

In a everchanging and a dynamic world with numerous options of career for a student to select from, it becomes difficult for a innocent student to judge and select the best option for him/her. Career counselling is a highly effective way in analyzing the strengths, interest of a child and then selecting the best suited profession according to that. This method of deciding the future journey of a student is a much better way to select the right career path.